When Nikken was founded in 1975, we were responding to our changing modern world and its effect on our health and environment. Our vision was to help people maintain healthier, more fulfilled lives by reconnecting with nature, but at the same time allowing us to continue to live and enjoy life in an increasingly technological society.
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Acupuncture Needles
The finest and gentlest Japanese needles (0.14 mm, 1.5 cun) with stright metal handle. They come with 5 plastic guide tubes.
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Premier 'Ibuki' moxa is kept and matured in the purpose built storage which regulates steady temparature and humidity throughout the year, 'cool in summer and warm in winter'. This old wisdom allows to keep high quality moxa. It is easy to roll and ideal for direct moxa.
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Shiunko Cream
Heal your sun burn in 24hrs. We have tried and tested this amazing result. It obviously will have excellent sun protection effect. It contains all natural ingredients.
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