Maiko OhoMy name is Maiko from Fukuoka, Japan. I am a fully IFPA Certified masseuse with 8 years professional experience. I offer a professional service.

SHIATSU in Japanese means "finger pressure". It is a traditional Japanese healing therapy which helps to rebalance the body's vital energy channels, to promote well-being and support good health.Your body massage is based on Shiatsu and will tailored to your needs during an initial consultation.

In Japan, it is customary to say that “the feet are the body’s second heart”. Pressure is made on specific areas of the feet and legs in order to relieve various disorders and improve blood circulation and lymphatic systems.

Modern work- and lifestyle such as spending long periods at the computer is causing fatigue and strain on the head and neck. This massage will mitigate the strain and will also be good for tired eyes.

Poor circulation can lead to aches, pains and discomfort which can then lead to further problems. An oil massage is useful at helping to promote healthy circulation which in turn eliminates toxins from the body and skin.

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