Stephen HoeySteve, in his own humble way is guiding himself and others into the new age of awareness. For nearly half a dozen decades has been on journey to uncover the limitless joy life, through self-work, healing and education. After sufficiently waking up, he has now waking up to his higher purpose and moving away from the physical attractions and traps of a modern lifestyle. Having worked in high-pressure environments of trading floors and financial services, and working on his life lessons, he now is keen to share his experiences and knowledge to help others with their own awareness and general health, wherever they are on their journey.

Working with the real values of life, Stephen teaches restorative yoga which helps you move closer to your true nature and activate self-healing. He also offers numerology, which allows people to easily better understand themselves and the loved ones around them. He is an active healer and is studying shamanic practises.

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